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Solar Flares - Open NBA/Suns Thread - Get your draft, trade and free agency rumors/news here!

Over the next seven days, rumors will fly faster than the Bright Side staff can type. Come here to see the latest rumors and post what you've seen as well. Let's make this the community new center!

On Thursday, June 27, the Phoenix Suns will participate in the 2013 NBA Draft. Just four days later, the summer free agency period begins in earnest, though no deals can be signed for up to two weeks later.

This is a huge week for the Suns franchise, and lots of fake rumors and not-yet-fizzled trade "negotiations" will be rumored in that time with almost nothing coming to fruition.

So far, the Suns are apparently...

  • trading down in the shallowest draft in years, including an acquisition of Derrick Williams, who is not much better than SuperCoolBeas
  • signing J.R. Smith to play alongside SuperCoolBeas and Derrick Williams to solve the wing problems with really inefficient play. Sounds smart right? lol.
  • looking to draft PG Michael Carter-Williams with the 5th pick (or a traded-down pick)
  • looking to draft PG Pierre Jackson with the #30 pick


1) if you see a rumor, post it here

2) if you get it off twitter, BE CAREFUL. A lot of fake accounts are made this time of year. Already, the JR Smith rumor was proliferated by a fake Stein account. The real account: ESPNSteinLine. The fake account: ESPNStienLine. The same will be done in various ways to every major journalist that breaks stories. BE CAREFUL!

That's it. That's all the rules!

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