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Phoenix Suns take Kentucky G Archie Goodwin at #29 in 2013 NBA Draft

This was the big trade. Reportedly, the Suns paid cash to move up one spot to get Goodwin.

Andy Lyons

Here's his DX profile:

Archie Goodwin

6'5", 198, 6'9.5 wingspan,

Second youngest player in draft, by the way. He was 18 last year at Kentucky. Had a tough season but has tremendous upside. Remember that McDonough drafted Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo in past years after they dropped as well.

Some notes from DX:

Goodwin is an excellent NBA prospect from a physical perspective, standing around 6'5 in shoes with a massive 6'10 wingspan and a developing 198-pound frame. Additionally, he is an explosive athlete around the basket, quick in both transition and off-the-dribble. Simply put, Goodwin has the physical profile of an NBA shooting guard with athleticism and length that will allow him to compensate for any height deficiencies at the next level once his frame fills out.

His prospects are less sure when analyzing his performance on the offensive end of the floor. As an 18-year-old freshman, one of the youngest players in college basketball, Goodwin played a significant role for the 21-12 Wildcats, commanding a team high 27.5% (by a wide margin) of Kentucky's overall possessions and scoring a solid 17.4 points per 40 minutes pace adjusted. Furthermore, he was at his best against Kentucky's best competition, posting solid scoring numbers in early-season contests against Louisville, Duke, Baylor, and Maryland.

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