(My post from 2 1/2 years ago) Let's get Al McCoy in the Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor. Before it's too late.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I posted this over 2 years ago and nothing happened. With this stinker of a season upon us let's at least remedy this.

Life happens quickly. We get old before we know it and then we die. It sucks, it's morbid but it's the truest fact there is.

Al McCoy, the shining voice of our hometown Suns has literally given his life to this franchise. 40 years of bad hotels, fighting through illness and unknown personal struggles to mic up each night and provide the backdrop of our beloved team as they fight through season after season trying to reach the ultimate prize.

My childhood, as many of yours consisted of so many nights with my earphones on (past my bedtime) in my room listening to Al. The tone of his voice presenting vivid scenes in my mind hoping to the last minute that we could pull out a win. I still like to turn down the TV and hear Al when my dad and I watch games now. It's a comforting thing, and makes me feel like a kid.

When Georgia, his wife of over 50 years passed 6 months ago I had this epiphany. She should have been there. On the floor at the Purple Palace (yes purple) wearing a dress, beaming with pride and taking part in a crowning moment of their life. She had to sacrifice her husband for over half a year to the road during so many years of their marriage. She deserved this, just as he does. It was an injustice to the McCoy family that the Suns have waited.

Al appears like a healthy vigorous man, and will no doubt live on. But no one lives forever. The suns need to have this ceremony for him now so there is no chance he misses it. We should have done it for Cotton but missed that opportunity. Let us not repeat that mistake and forego the slightest chance of an injustice to a man who has meant so much to the Suns, the fans and the city of Phoenix.

Sarver the ball is in your court. I think opening night of the 2013-2014 season would be a great night to pay tribute to the man behind the mic.. the truest Suns fan and best announcer in sports. I think McCoy in the ring.. and a banner that says SHAZAM hanging in the rafters should do the trick.