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Solar Flares: Open NBA/Suns Free Agency Thread - 6/30-7/6

Here's an open thread to discuss any news or rumors circulating about NBA free agency and/or trades.

NBA Free Agency negotiations are officially allowed to begin tomorrow, July 1. Players will be able to sign contracts with teams starting July 10, following the end of the July moratorium. Use this open thread to discuss any NBA free agency or trade news/rumors.

I doubt we'll hear about the Suns pursuing any names until later in the summer. With most of the roster spots already occupied, don't be surprised to see the Suns head into next season without any notable free agent signings. If anything, look for them to find sign a cheap contract or two with a free agent later in the summer, once the big guys all find their next destinations.

That being said, it's very possible that the Suns could choose to pursue a trade or two. Once again, any trades made during the summer will have to occur after July 10. At that point, the 2013-14 salaries will kick in, allowing many teams to get rid of the cap holds that their expiring contracts currently have in place, thereby creating cap space to sign players/have more cap flexibility in trades (maybe the much discussed Gortat to Portland deal?).

In other news, Houston is actively looking to dump Thomas Robinson to create cap room to sign Dwight Howard (who they're meeting with tonight). Should the Suns get in on that? What would it take?

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