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Sarver preaches patience, fires back at Charles Barkley

Pugnacious owner Robert Sarver sets the tone for rebuilding the Phoenix Suns and answers charges from the Chuckster.

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What is a team to do? Do they go for the quick solution that might bring some mediocre short-term success or do they suck it up and take the long road.

The Suns have been criticized for trying to shortcut the rebuilding process by hanging on to Steve Nash and signing the likes of Michael Beasley. While I happen to think there's independent justification for both of those decisions, there's no denying that the Suns considered themselves a playoff team at the beginning of each of the last three lottery-bound seasons.

Most distressing about that mindset was the knowledge that "being a playoff team" was a desirable goal even if it came with a low ceiling. I think this phrase used in another context applies to that thinking: The tyranny of low expectations.

Well, those days appear to be officially over. The final nail put in the coffin by carpenter-in-chief, Robert Sarver via an interview in the Arizona Republic.

Phoenix Suns' Robert Sarver says drafting game changer unlikely but rebuilding on ‘small successes’ key
"From a business standpoint, it’s more painful to rebuild slower. It costs more money than to rebuild quickly. Many franchises try to remain in the playoffs for financial purposes. It’s not a path we’ve taken. We’re prepared to absorb the hits we have to take in the short term to get us into position so that when we do get good, we are at a high level."

Patience will be required from all involved. There will be some minor successes but they will come slow and won't be measured in ways we are used to. There will also be setbacks. But if the balance of decisions from the glass offices at the US Airways Center remain positive, Phoenix will rise again.

Oh, and how can you not love this quote from Sarver firing back at Charles Barkley who likened the Suns franchise to the Titanic.

"I've got a seat for him on the Titanic," Sarver said. "I've got an open bar. I've got a blackjack table with a lot of big-dollar chips. I've got a low-calorie chef and a stationary bike in his room. So he's welcome any time."

Drinking! Gambling! Food!

Way to take some shots at Chuck's soft underbelly, Bob!

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