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Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft Workout: C.J. Leslie, Phil Pressey, and Korie Lucious for a second straight day

After knocking out of the park with two straight workouts involving with nine likely lottery picks the team got back to work today evaluating talent for their other two picks.


The names may not jump off the page as top level or highly rated prospects, but today the Phoenix Suns did their due diligence bringing in some options for the No. 30 and 57 picks respectively. Nobody in this group projects to be a superstar talent, but all have specific roles they can play at the next level.

Today's group included C.J. Leslie (No. 37 on the Big Board), Matthew Dellavedova (69), Phil Pressey (71), Rodney McGruder (NA), and Ian Hummer (NA).

Read into this as you will, but Korie Lucious worked out with the Phoenix Suns for the second straight day. There is that.

Other than Lucious being there a second straight day, which is the most visits (two) a player can have with a team the other interesting faces were Kendall Marshall and Diante Garrett. They seemed to be there helping in the workout to give the team more bodies.

This workout was likely designed to get another look at Leslie, who at the NBA Draft Combine, impressed the team a lot. He is a tweener, but has the measurables and athleticism to play the four, but not the strength. His college career was defined by not meeting his full potential and this is his chance to right the wrongs so far. At No. 30 Leslie is a quality pick-up adding athleticism and another lane filler on the fast-break.

In college Leslie had some issues with his coach about his role and the way the team used him on the offensive end. They may have been overblown, but that adds to why Leslie never was able to reach his maximum potential in college. Leslie sees himself as a basketball player, not a three or a four, but a versatile player that will have his role defined by his team.

Of the two point guards -- Dellavedova and Pressey -- they each bring in the pass first mentality.

Dellavedova is a lethal shooter that can run an offense. He has great size and feel for the game. Pressey has the same feel, but not the size or shooting. He was erratic in pressure situations at Missouri as well bringing up questions of his ability to lead a team at the next level. Both can be third point guards on a team and have the potential to run a second unit.

Here is a scouting take on the group:

  • C.J. Leslie N.C. State -- Junior forward: Full Scouting Report
  • Matthew Dellavedova -- Saint Mary's -- Senior point guard: Full Scouting Report
  • Phil Pressey -- Missouri -- Junior point guard: Full Scouting Report
  • Rodney McGruder -- Kansas State -- Senior wing: Over the past two seasons he came into his own as a scorer and leader. He can create offense off the bounce, attacks the rim, and can shoot the NBA three with rhythm. Good size for a two, but lacks elite athleticism.
  • Korie Lucious -- Iowa State -- Senior guard: Three years at Michigan State as a role playing guard known for his defensive abilities and seeing the floor. He does not have great size or burst, but can shoot the ball.
  • Ian Hummer -- Princeton -- Senior forward: A consistent scorer, efficient, and played mostly in the post in college. Undersized for the NBA four and lacks the perimeter skills and shooting to be a three.

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