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NBA Rumor: Spurs discussing Marcin Gortat trade with Suns

This is a pretty thin rumor in the scheme of NBA trade rumors, but it has the ring of plausibility. Of course, this time of year with free agency and trade rumors flying all over the place, one can never tell.


According to the report by a Huff Post Sports guy I've never heard of before, the San Antonio Spurs would trade for Marcin Gortat. The Suns would either get Boris Diaw or Tiago Splitter in a sign-and-trade. In either scenario, the Suns would reportedly get a 2014 first-round pick from the Spurs.

Here's the original source of this trade rumor:

It's almost not worth discussing this in too much detail at this point since this is such a thinly sourced rumor. For my money, and this is just a quick gut reaction, Diaw's one remaining year and likely late first-rounder for Gortat is a bit light on the return. And I don't really see the need to invest in a longer-term deal for Splitter in a sign-and-trade.

So, my vote would be, no. I'd hang on to Gortat and wait for a bigger and better offer which I believe would come around the trade deadline. For the record, I don't actually have a vote.

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