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Alex Len ankle surgery? Well, that's a surprise

The Phoenix Suns announced that their fifth-overall draft pick, Alex Len, underwent surgery on his right ankle. He's expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

Mike Stobe

Well now, this is a surprise. But if any part of the Suns organization has earned our faith it's the training staff. Here's how the Suns explained the news.

"As a precautionary measure, our medical staff determined that it would be prudent to perform surgery on Alex Len's right ankle at this time," said Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. "That surgery was successfully completed this morning. As part of a routine evaluation, our medical team identified the very beginnings of a stress fracture in Alex's right ankle even though Alex was entirely asymptomatic. We expect him to be available to begin the season."

It's VERY MUCH WORTH NOTING that it was his left ankle that had a stress fracture coming into the draft. This surgery is on his right ankle. If you are keeping score, that's surgeries on BOTH ankles for stress fractures.

Alex Len to miss all pre-draft workouts after surgery - ESPN
Maryland sophomore and likely lottery pick Alex Len will be shelved for all pre-draft workouts because of surgery on his left ankle. Len had surgery to "stabilize" the partial stress fracture in his left ankle, Sports International Group's Michael Lelchitski said in a news release Friday. Recovery time is projected to be four to six months.

So, are you worried?

In other Suns draft pick news, the team announced they signed Archie Goodwin to his rookie deal. This barely constitutes "news" but there you go. It happened and the team announced it with a press release.

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