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Solar Flares Open Thread: Free Agency & Summer League

An open thread to discuss NBA news/rumors circulating about free agency, trades, or Summer League play.

NBA Basketball is back! Well, sort of. The 2013 Las Vegas Summer League is underway and will continue through July 22nd. The Suns played their first game yesterday (check out the recap here) and will play again on Monday and Tuesday. After that, the seeds will be set and tournament play will begin on Wednesday and run through the following Monday. Check out the complete Summer League Schedule here. We'll have plenty of Suns Summer League coverage throughout this week here on Bright Side of the Sun.

Meanwhile, NBA free agency will also be continuing. Although almost all of the big-name free agents have signed with teams already, there are several lower tier guys still being pursued by various teams - players such as Nate Robinson, Tyler Hansbrough, and Leandro Barbosa. The fates of a few RFAs such as Brandon Jennings and Nikola Peckovic are also yet to be decided.

Discuss any and all NBA news, rumors, and thoughts (Summer League, Free Agency, etc.) on this thread. Let's go Suns!

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