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Welcome to Bright Side of the Sun!

Welcome both new and old members alike! We hope you enjoy your stay here at Bright Side of the Sun. Please play responsibly.

Salutations everyone! My name is Eric - formerly known as NashMV3 to some of you longtime Bright Siders. I've been a member of this wonderful website since December 2009 and Dave King, our prodigious Overlord, brought me on earlier this season to edit and proofread the staff writers' articles behind-the-scenes because you grammar Nazis keep hurting their feelings they wish to deliver to you, the lovely readers, the best content available.

Ever since the season ended, we've noticed a lot of new members joining the site and posting. While I'm not "officially" part of the staff, I am, however, able to speak on behalf of them. So on behalf of the entire staff of Bright Side of the Sun, I'd like to extend all of you new folks a HUGE e-hug welcome and also give the BSotS veterans mad props both for sticking with us over the years and helping to make this hellish season a little more enjoyable for everyone.

Now, I'll let the Ghost of Bright Side's past take over for a bit. Leiland, aka the Artist Formerly Known as Eutychus, has this to say:

We thrive on news, commentary and civil conversation about the Phoenix Suns - in order to maintain the civility and an environment conducive to healthy conversation, we have established guidelines of how to participate. If you have not read these guidelines make sure you do, because we are tightening the screws on our comment moderation and will be swift to hand out warnings and bans for guideline-violators.

You heard the man. Both new members and BSotS veterans alike should take some time to review the community guidelines if you haven't already or if you just need to brush up on them a bit.

For our convenience, Leiland made this video about 2 years ago that breaks down the community guidelines. Check it out:

For those who can't view the video, check out the original manuscript here:


Again... we hope you enjoy your stay here at Bright Side of the Sun, everyone! Now please play nice.

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