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Phoenix Suns Unveil Several "Sneak Peeks" at their 2013-14 Jerseys

The Suns have released several teasers for their new jersey schemes through various social media outlets. Let's take a look at all the "sneak peeks" the team has so generously offered to its fans.

The Suns sure do have a flair for the dramatic. The team has been slowly releasing several pictures of the new jerseys, which will be unveiled at some point this summer. So far, the team has teased at jersey schemes that include white, black, orange, and purple (much to the delight of many Suns fans). There have also been several signs pointing to the team adopting a modernized version of the Barkley-era jerseys.

For all the teasing, the Suns hope their new jerseys will be well-received by fans as the franchise enters a new era. I know many of us are hoping to get our hands on a brand new 2013-14 Malcolm Lee jersey as soon as humanly possible.

What do you think of the look the Suns seem to be going for with these "sneak peeks?"

All photos are courtesy of the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts of the Phoenix Suns and US Airways Center.

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