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Phoenix Suns in talks to send Luis Scola to Indiana Pacers

The Phoenix Suns are in "serious talks" to send Luis Scola to the Indiana Pacers . Exact details of the deal are unknown, though Danny Granger has been rumored to be heading to Phoenix.


Several reports have released the news that the Phoenix Suns have agreed to send Luis Scola to Indiana. Danny Granger is RUMORED to be headed to the desert in return for Scola, but the exact terms of the trade have yet to be released. Details are apparently to be released tomorrow.

Luis Scola's "Press Officer," Juan Sebastia first tweeted the news:

TRANSLATION: Scola to the Pacers. Official Announcement Tomorrow.

An Argentinan Journalist also tweeted the news:

TRANSLATION: Danny Granger is the star from Indiana that would move to Phoenix

Woj and Marc Stein soon joined in, adding that Granger may not be part of the deal after all:

I've said for a while that Scola is the most likely Phoenix Sun to be dealt this summer (after the Dudley trade) and if this deal goes through, I would be delighted. Although he can still be a valuable player in the right situation, Scola has no place on this team. As long as we're not taking back long-term salary or losing draft picks, the deal will be a winner in my book regardless of what the Suns get back. Scola is set to make $4.5 million this year and his salary for the 2014-15 season is only guaranteed for $941K (potentially increasing to $1.441M guaranteed if he plays a certain number of games).

If Granger is indeed coming to Phoenix, the Suns would have to send additional players to make the salaries work (he has an expiring contract this year worth $14 million). In that case, expect to see Butler join Scola in Indiana. If Phoenix is not getting Granger, it will be interesting to see who the Suns receive in return for Scola. The Pacers only have two contracts in same salary range as Scola's to make a straight swap work: Gerald Green (signed through 2014-15) and Ian Mahinmi (signed through 2015-16).

Here's some interesting thoughts about Green from Indy Cornrows. Click thru and read the entire thing.

Pacers should find Gerald Green has strong trade value - Indy Cornrows
Indiana Pacers swingman Gerald Green has some unique basketball talents that can lift fans out of their seats and fill up Top 10 highlight lists on SportsCenter. Only problem is, when it comes to winning time, doing the little things that lead to winning and defending with a vengeance, Green comes up a step slow.

Stay tuned for updates.

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