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NBA Trade Idea: Phoenix Suns should get into Tyreke Evans trade to swap Lopez and Gortat

Latest rumor has the Sacramento Kings engaging in a sign-and-trade scenario with New Orleans to net the Pelicans Tyreke Evans. New Orleans would be sending back their starting point guard and center from last year's team, but the Kings don't need another center prospect.


In the rumored deal, the Kings would get back a solid center (Robin Lopez) and starting point guard (Greivis Vasquez) for letting Tyreke Evans walk away. Sounds like a GREAT deal for Sacramento.

Except that Sacramento doesn't need Robin Lopez at all. They already have DeMarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes and Jason Thompson on the front line to rotate in the pivot.

The other problem is that New Orleans really DOES need a starting center but they are sending out Lopez to make the S-n-T work after acquiring Jrue Holiday in the draft.

How about the Suns getting involved in this deal by sending Gortat to New Orleans and getting Robin Lopez back?

Clarification here: there is NO RUMOR that the Suns are involved in any discussions on this. It's just me speculating.

New Orleans, who has a glut of guards now, could send Austin Rivers out to Sacramento with Vasquez, with Sacramento sending a protected first round pick to the Suns. NOLA has shown rumored interest in shopping Rivers.

Sacramento gets: Grievis Vasquez, Austin Rivers

New Orleans gets: Tyreke Evans, Marcin Gortat

Phoenix gets: Robin Lopez, protected first round pick

Lopez is younger, cheaper and less talented than Gortat, but can be a starter for his first NBA team while Alex Len develops.

What say you, Suns fans. Is this enough booty for Gortat?

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