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Solar Flares: Open NBA/Suns Free Agency Thread - 7/7-7/13

An open thread to discuss this week's NBA news/rumors circulating about free agency and/or trades.

With NBA free agency on its way, there has been plenty of news about player movement over the course of the last week (thank god the Dwightmare is finally over). Use this open thread to discuss any NBA free agency or trade news/rumors.

The NBA July moratorium officially ends this Wednesday, July 10th. At that point, we'll start to see a lot of these free agency deals that we've been hearing about officially go through. For Suns fans, this means that we'll likely see an official statment about Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler coming to town and Jared Dudley leaving. Expect to see a press conference at some point this week (or perhaps next week) to introduce the Suns' new acquisitions. I, for one, am very excited to see what McDonough and Hornacek have to say about how Bledsoe will be utilized on this Suns roster and look forward to hearing Bledsoe's thoughts as well.

Summer League play began today in Orlando and will continue for the next couple weeks. The Suns aren't playing in Orlando but they will debut in the Vegas Summer League on Saturday, 7/13. Summer League will not only give Suns fans a chance to watch some of the young players on the roster (including one of the youngest players in the league - Archie Goodwin) but it will also mark the debut of Jeff Hornacek's Suns coaching career.

Last week was an exciting one for NBA fans and although this one may not be quite as eventful, there are still plenty of free agents to be had. We also can't rule out the possibility of some trades - Suns fans found out all about that last week. There's currently news about the Cavs' interest in Andrew Bynum:

I actually think Bynum on a one year deal is a great move for a team like the Cavs. They're trying to make the playoffs but they're a young team with several good pieces so they can afford to take a risk on Bynum for one year. What do you guys think?

There's also a rumor going around that the Lakers are interested in Chris Kaman:

I think this would be a hilarious move for the Lakers so I really hope they sign him. I'm not sure how they can sign him though (unless he takes the vet minimum).

Post any rumors/news in the comments section and discuss all throughout the week!

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