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Ranking the NBA: Point Guards

Everybody loves rankings and grades, right? Well I decided to use both to sort NBA players into tiers, including former Phoenix Sun Steve Nash and current Suns Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe and Kendall Marshall. What do you think of my rankings? Who am I too kind to? Who am I sleeping on? DISCUSS!

Where do I rank Dragic among his fellow point guards? Read on to find out.
Where do I rank Dragic among his fellow point guards? Read on to find out.


S : Best in the game (LeBron James)

A+ : Right on heels of best player (Kevin Durant)

A : Top 5 player

A- : Top 5 at position/Potential All-NBA players

B+ : All-Stars

B : Good starters/fringe All-Stars

B- : Good starter

C+ : decent starter

C : fringe starter/bench player

C- : good bench player

D+ : average bench player

D : Fringe rotation player

D- : bad player

F : not NBA caliber

Factors: production+efficiency+talent (emphasis on this year but whole career taken into account)

*Note: There is no specific order within each tier.

Tier 1 (A)

- Chris Paul

Chris Paul is clearly the top point guard in the game in my opinion and one of the best players in the entire league.

Tier 2 (A-)

- Russell Westbrook

- Derrick Rose

- Tony Parker

- Deron Williams

Deron Williams probably doesn't belong in this category after his years with the Nets, but I'm not giving up on him just yet.

Tier 3 (B+)

- Stephen Curry

- Kyrie Irving

- John Wall

- Rajon Rondo

With the exception of Rondo, this is a group of really talented up-and-coming point guards that are going to be total studs in their primes.

Tier 4 (B)

- Mike Conley

- Ty Lawson

- Damian Lillard

- Goran Dragic

- Kyle Lowry

- Steve Nash

- Jrue Holiday

These are really good players. Some of them are on the way up, some of them are on the way down, but they're all right on the edge between solid starter and All-Star consideration. They all have their flaws
most players do.

Tier 5 (B-)

- Ricky Rubio

- Jeff Teague

Rubio really need to become a better scorer before he makes the jump to a higher tier.

Tier 6 (C+)

- Greivis Vasquez

- George Hill

- Jeremy Lin

- Kemba Walker

Good, solid players, but nothing special.

Tier 7 (C)

- Raymond Felton

- Nate Robinson

- Jarrett Jack

- Andre Miller

- Jose Calderon

- Steve Blake

- Reggie Jackson

- Jameer Nelson

- Mario Chalmers

- Mo Williams

- Brandon Jennings

- Darren Collison

- Eric Bledsoe

- Devin Harris

- Kirk Hinrich

All these players can start if they need to, but they'd be best coming off the bench on a good team.

Tier 8 (C-)

- Isaiah Thomas

- J.J. Barea

- Ramon Sessions

- Beno Udrih

- C.J. Watson

Solid back-up point guards.

Tier 9 (D+)

- Norris Cole

- Sebastian Telfair

- D.J. Augustin

- Patrick Beverley

- Brian Roberts

- Jimmer Fredette

- Pablo Prigioni

- Cory Joseph

- Eric Maynor

Decent back-ups. They all have their strengths.

Tier 10 (D)

- Shaun Livingston

- Jamaal Tinsley

- Mike James

- Earl Watson

- Charles Jenkins

- Nando De Colo

- Daniel Gibson

- A.J. Price

These guys can fill in as a back-up depending on how the rest of your roster looks.

Tier 11 (D-)

- Derek Fisher

- Marquis Teague

- Kendall Marshall

- Tony Wroten

You probably don't want these guys playing many minutes for your team.

Tier 12 (F)

- Ronnie Price

- Nolan Smith

- Chris Duhon

- Darius Morris

Bad, bad basketball players.

And there it is. What do the Bright Siders think of my first batch of grades/rankings/tiers?

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