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Solar Flares Open Thread: August News

An open thread to discuss NBA news/rumors circulating about free agency, trades, or anything else.

How is it already August? The NBA season is just a couple months away and even though offseason action has been starting to die down, there are still guaranteed to be plenty of NBA news and rumors around this time. Use the comments section below to talk anything you think might warrant discussion.


August 6 - NBA Schedule gets released!

Will the Suns start the season off tough or easy? Last year, the schedule offered an easy start (7-8) followed by a stretch where the Suns were favored once in 30 games or so. Gentry was fired halfway through.

August 15 - Uniforms!

Also, the much-awaited jersey reveal will reportedly be sometime this month. The team keeps revealing more and more sneak peeks, so feel free to post the links as you see any updates.

Other news

Hornacek just left for vacation and I suspect many of the other Suns front office guys are on vacation too. Not sure when or if they will introduce Green and Plumlee, or make any other moves.

What else is new in the NBA?

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