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Phoenix Suns show off new uniforms at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Your new look Suns have a sharper image with an eye toward cleanliness and simplicity. Purple still reigns, along with white and sleeved orange.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Jeramie McPeak and, we have added a few more photos from the Fashion Show. Check out the Suns website for a lot more coverage.

We have waited all summer to see what the 2013-14 will look like. Finally, here it is. After all the hoopla and buildup, this became anti-climactic.

Most of the guys on the team actually liked the orange uniforms with the sleeves. One liked the purple. No one mentioned loving the white.

These pictures totally suck guys, but in my defense I was stuck in a bad position with a crappy camera. I don't get paid for this s#*t either.

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