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Phoenix Suns Podcast 34: Keeping cool in the desert

This week Kris and I editorialize the Suns' new jerseys and discuss SB Nation's look into the top 100 NBA players four years from now as a possible harbinger to future team success.

If you listen this will make sense.
If you listen this will make sense.

The cast is back after a week off for me to attend to non-basketball related issues.  As we rush towards the end of the summer and the resumption of basketball activities Kris and I will embark on our second season as co-hosts.  In our effort to continue to provide the absolute best coverage of all that is Suns we would like your feedback on what we could be doing better.

Answering questions from members via email?

Name change?  Separate logo and branding?

Too long?  Too short?  Frequency between shows?

Anything else?

Just let me know in the comments or shoot me a separate email.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have!

Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 34

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