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No love for Len from fellow rookies

The rookie class of 2013 completed a survey about their peers. Fifth-overall pick Alex Len was a forgotten man.


Perhaps it's because Len played for a underrespected school with a poor record of postseason play or maybe his fellow rookies just aren't impressed by the Ukrainian big man's talents, but Alex Len was ignored by his peers when they completed a survey for during their recent Rookie Photo Shoot in New York.

Len didn't even get a single vote when it came time to answer "Who will be the 2013-14 Rookie of the Year?" and "Which rookie will have the best career?" questions. Or any other question on the survey for that matter. Len literally got zero votes despite being the fifth overall pick in the draft. That's impressive.

Is it possible his fellow players are better judges of talent and ability (and ankle strength) than the vaunted Ryan McDonough Machine?

Local hope for the future of mankind, Archie Goodwin, did receive a couple of mentions. He got some votes in the "Most Athletic" and "Best Defender" categories. At least Archie's peers seem to know his name, which apparently isn't the case when it comes to the new Suns center.

Magic's Oladipo among rookie favorites to stand out in 2013-14 |
This crop of rooks isn't coming into the league with much hype, but there are a couple of players who could make an impact right away. There are also a few that will get plenty of playing time with bad teams. Victor Oladipo is one of those, and he could be the star of the class -- both short-and long-term -- according to the players who know him best.

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