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Report: Phoenix Suns trade Caron Butler to Milwaukee

Reportedly, Caron Butler has been traded before ever playing a game in a Suns uniform. He was traded, at his request, to Milwaukee for spare parts and, ultimately, cap space.


Racine Journal Times writer Gery Woelfel is reporting the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks are in trade talks centering around sending veteran small forward and new Sun Caron Butler to Wisconsin.

I wrote three weeks ago about Butler's role on the Suns and spelled out the reason why it might be a good idea for the Suns to keep him in Phoenix for the entire season. Is Dave's reverse-foresight spreading throughout the Bright Side staff? I guess we'll find out.

As of yet, Woelfel is the only person I've seen to report this news. He claims multiple sources, yet his report has not been confirmed by any other media members.

The Bucks do seem set on fighting for a playoff berth this season, and a veteran like Butler could help them do so. Summer free agent acquisition an presumed starter Carlos Delfino has a broken bone in his foot and might not be ready for the start of the season, according to Woelfel.

Butler was also born in Racine (part of the Milwaukee metro area) and was a Bucks fan growing up, so there could be motivation from both the Bucks and Butler to make this deal happen.

But what about the Suns? What might motivate them to do this deal? As of yet, Woelfel has not given any details about any other parts that might be involved in this deal (be it player or draft pick). The Bucks are currently about $7 million below the cap, so they need only send back a smaller contract to make the deal work under the cap.

I'll leave it to you Bright Siders to speculate which players might be involved. But first, do you believe there is any truth to this rumor?


Butler himself either knows something we don't or he saw Woelfel's report. Either way, this thing might have some legs after all.

**UPDATE 2**

ESPN's Marc Stein corroborated the report.

***Update 3***

Stein says it's going down. Just waiting to get the details sorted out.

****Update 4****

Coro finally gives us the details.

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