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Phoenix Suns Goran Dragic fights, gets ejected in "friendly" against Turkey

The frustration could not have been building for long, since the score was only 5-2 in the first period when this happened. But it's clear Dragic was frustrated with how he reacted to a clean strip on a drive to the hoop.

Late in the video, you can see a slow motion camera angle that shows a clean strip on his drive to the hoop. But Dragic reacted immediately by shoving the opponent on their way out of bounds.

We all know Goran got frustrated last season sometimes, but it was late in the year after so many losses and always late in a physical game against an opponent designed to frustrate him as the only threat in the Suns offense.

This game, however, was early (score was 5-2 in the opening minutes) and Slovenia was playing nothing more than a friendly warmup. After the ejection, Turkey took an early lead before Slovenia, without Dragic, blew them out in the second half.

Maybe he heard he was being moved to shooting guard for the Suns? Maybe he saw his lowly PG rating on BSotS? Or, maybe he got a glimpse of the Suns new jerseys?

Whatever the reason, we don't know.

What we do know if that Slovenia is just four weeks away from hosting its biggest event since gaining independence and Goran Dragic is the face of Slovenian basketball. Eurobasket 2013 will commence soon, and the pressure on Dragic to perform well for his home country will be greater than anything he's faced before. Let's hope it turns out better for him in Slovenia than it did in Phoenix last year.

BSotS will be tracking the entire Eurobasket tournament as it unfolds next month. Marcin Gortat will likely play for Poland, while former Sun Luis Scola will compete with Argentina.

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