Phoenix Suns Goran Dragic leads Slovenia to big Eurobasket win over Italy

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today was first game for Slovene squad in second round Eurobasket. The opponent was Italia, the only unbeaten team on tournament - until today.

Italia is a bit surprise of Eurobasket. They are missing Danilo Gallinari and Andrea Bargnani, but they still have Luigi Datome (Detroit) and Marco Belinelli (Spurs). It seems as everybody in Italian team can shoot for three. They made 10 out of 21 shots. Or free throws, 19 out of 20!

But they are weaker at front court. They lost at rebounds massively 45/28 and lane to the hoop for guards was a bit less defended. Goran took advantage of this. He was the best scorer in the game, 22PTS, 4/9 for 2, 2/6 for 3 and 8/10 FT. He also made 6 assists. As usual, he took control in his hands in last minutes, made a clutch three pointer. This time also with the help of his brother, Zoran.

It was 10k spectators in the hall, so this was favourable factor for Slovene team. All players were motivated and in the mood, so there were a lot less tricky moments for Goran, when he would need to create something quickly in last seconds of attack.

Now, still two games against Finland and Greece, and then hopefully quarterfinal.

Here is videorecap in Slovene language: link

Highlights, with Goran's P&R: link