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The Phoenix Suns just don't NBA rank...

ESPN has just compiled their yearly embarrassment to their platform ranking... and they got a few things right. Basically the Suns' roster sucks and they pegged it.

That's about as good as it gets folks...
That's about as good as it gets folks...

We all know this is sort of an incondite roster... at least I hope we all know that.  But it is transmutable and will soon undergo a metamorphism into something of much more illustrious grandeur (hopefully).  The purple palingenesis peeps.

But for now... our team sucks out loud.  Fact.

The best the Suns have to offer, according to, are Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe, and they aren't great.

Goran Dragic is #88 and Bledsoe is #95. That's all we have at the top of the league, and deservedly so.

Actually, I think this is a little bit of a slight to Goran.  Point guard is probably the most talented position in the NBA and if he's top 15-20 there he should be in the 70's... For those of you who remember the 70's, not so terrible, right? He has a skill package that projects well, and now that he is entering his prime I see some room for improvement.  If he can be 80% of the player that finished last season he could even crack top 50.

Eric Bledsoe, on the other hand, gets most of his props based on potential and what the "gurus" think he might be capable of next season.  Yes, he has top 100 talent (undoubtedly), but will he realize his potential?  Throw a dart.  I don't know. Sometimes nurture beats nature and we still don't know how "fertile" our soil will be this season.  I'm guessing that the Suns might be able to grow something, though, now that they've tilled the land.

Conspicuously absent from the top 100?  One Marcin Gortat.  I think the consensus is that he benefited from playing in a Steve Nash system (think Tim Thomas) and isn't more than a below average starting center.  Really, can you think of how many games he changed through his indomitable force last year?  Right.  Add in that he's been given the label of being a malcontent, at least to some degree, and he's become a player that just isn't that coveted.  Please McMiracle, get to stepping on moving him...

Although the Suns fail at the top 100, they succeed in epic fashion in the bottom 100 according to ESPN's #NBARank... and they already ditched a horribly misguided player Michael Beasley.  That's how the Suns roll.  In fact, FOUR of the Suns' recent acquisitions (that's a neutral term right?) are in the bottom 107.  Like I said, incodite roster.  Malcolm Lee (#396... Can you believe his ranking went up?), Miles Plumlee (#404), Ish Smith (#445), and Kravtsov (#453) all hit rock bottom in the league. At least they won't be demanding minutes next season.

Still to come are the middle guys. Where will the Morrii fall? Gerald Green? Archie Goodwin and Shannon Brown are still to be found - very soon I expect. And then there's wasnt-even-an-NBA-player-12-months-ago P.J. Tucker.

Inquiring minds want to know... just how bad it will get before it gets better.

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