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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 38: Pacific Division Previewing the Golden State Warriors and The WNBA Playoffs

Time for another preview for a team not named the Phoenix Suns, but these are equally as important, as these are the teams that will sort of dictate the direction of the team this year...

Ezra Shaw

As the Pacific Division Previews continue here on Bright Side of the Sun we take a look all the teams the Phoenix Suns will be competing with this season.

With Greg Wissinger we talk about the lottery bound Sacramento Kings and the Championship contending Los Angeles Clippers with Steve Perrin.

Then there are the Golden State Warriors who are somewhere in-between those two teams, but clearly closer to the Clippers than the Kings or Suns. Last season the Warriors were the kids that normally sit at the kiddie table, but forced there way up to the adult table. They brought their milk and Power Rangers Plate along with them the, surprising everyone, proved that they sort of belonged there...

What is next for the Warriors as they add some key pieces and basically bring the entire band back together for a run in a very deep, competitive Western Conference?

That question and more are answered thanks to Golden State of Mind's Nate Parham who joined me in previewing the Warriors this season. How does he feel about the potential of Stephen Curry? Do they like our leftovers in Jermaine O'Neal and Lindsey Hunter?

At about the 29 minute mark we discuss the Phoenix Mercury and the entire WNBA Playoff out-look this year.

Click here to listen: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 38 w/Nate Parham

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