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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 39: Who are all those guys wearing Purple & Gold? Drew Garrison previews the Los Angeles Lakers

Why the long faces, you are L.A.? Oh, that's right...

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike some finale's, the conclusion to the Pacific Division Preview closes out strong with Drew Garrison helping set the table for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

The Phoenix Suns are expected to be at the bottom of the Pacific Division standings, the Western Conference standings, and just about every other type of standings there are in the NBA this season. But, don't look now because the Lakers are not looking at the Thunder and the Spurs in their rear view mirror, instead they just a few car lengths ahead of the likes of the Suns and the Kings.

In this edition of the podcast we preview the Lakers and all their new faces including former Suns players Steve Nash and Wesley Johnson.

Full podcast here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 39 w/Drew Garrison

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