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Channing Frye: "I'll be playing" for Phoenix Suns this year

As has been the case all off season, Channing Frye dropped the latest scoop to his fans before the Phoenix Suns announced anything. This time, Channing says he is cleared to play the 2013-14 season.

Christian Petersen

Before the Suns could put together any kind of press release or formal announcement, Channing Frye decided to tell everyone the scoop.

As far as I can tell, he started with me (at least on twitter).


And then he told the twitter world:



Frye began disclosing his progress last month, when he tweeted that he was about to find out one way or another, and then a week later he told us all on instagram that he was cleared by doctors.

Bright Side had the exclusive interview with Frye as he discussed his situation and the next steps, which included the Suns doctors clearing him for active play.

I must say that this is a big, scary step for the Suns and Channing Frye. An enlarged heart is a problem. An enlarged heart as a result of a unknown virus is an even bigger problem. Channing had to take most of a year off of ANY kind of activity that would raise his heart rate.

Last month, when he was cleared by his doctors, he began to raise his activity level and reported that his heart got even better.

"I saw [the doctors] earlier this summer and they said 'you're good', and that I could start to exercise," Frye recalls. "Saw them a couple months later and 'You're better than what you were'. Not only one doctor, but three other ones, maybe four other ones agree with me.

"Now its in the Suns hands."

And now it appears that Channing Frye will don the new Suns uniform at the annual media day tomorrow as an active player on the Phoenix Suns roster.


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