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Phoenix Suns 2013-14 Media Day Open Thread

While players are doing their best impression of not caring about expectations and yet going "all in" at the same time, will be live-streaming the event. Let's commiserate here on the Bright Side while it unfolds.

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You good folks on the interwebs can follow along right here on this open thread. And judging by how many people watched the summer press conferences live, I bet a few of you will be here today.

Our own Jim Coughenour (in the red shirt), last year at the "scrum":

2012-10-01_11-59-50_63_medium has pics of the "scrum" as well, including one with Kris in there (blue, striped shirt, when he was writing for SB Nation Arizona), and here's one with me in there (black shirt) thanks to There's lots more with me and Kris, just not front and center. Our video camera failed that day, so we lost our exclusive pics and interviews... not naming names or anything. Jim.

Major story lines for the day:

  • Frye's medical clearance to play this season
  • Handling "expectations" to lose 60 games
  • So much turnover and roster duplication

We will get a lot of cliches and non-answers...

  • Best shape of their career
  • "We can fight for playoffs"
  • Awkward non-answer to question about fighting for playoffs
  • Awkward non-answer to question about future with team
  • Most unexpected answer to bland question
  • Blandest answer to awesome question

There might be some fireworks out of Media Day, and we'll be there to cover it. We've already gotten major full interview exclusives this summer from Jeff Hornacek (Jim), Mike Longabardi (Sreekar), Channing Frye (Kris), Alex Len (Sreekar) and Archie Goodwin (Sreekar).

We also got snippets of exclusives from Goodwin, Len, Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler on uniform rollout day (Dave). And a bunch of blurry pics to boot!

Today, the coverage continues with Kris and I at Media Day and throughout the week at training camp.

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