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Phoenix Suns Announce Training Camp Schedule In Flagstaff

It has been a long time, but Flagstaff, the Phoenix Suns should have never left you without a team to train with you... Train with you.


For the first time since 2004 the Phoenix Suns are going up north a week to get ready for the 2013-2014 season at Northern Arizona University. The team had spent 20 years there before getting ready for seasons past, but had taken the team to Tucson, then far away to San Diego and Italy in recent years.

The team is heading slightly north of their home at U.S. Airways Arena to Flagstaff from September 30th through October 5th before the pre-season opener against Maccabi Bazan Haifa on October 7.

Current head coach Jeff Hornacek as well as assistants Mark West and Kenny Gattison have been a part of previous Flagstaff Training Camps as players. This is their first as a part of a coaching staff in yet another call-back to yesteryear for the new Suns regime.

Over the past few months the team has made an effort to bring back some of the old school to the new school. Hornacek, West, and Gattison are all former members of the Suns, the new jerseys are a wink at the classic 1990's uniforms, the Fashion Show brought back many retired players, and now heading back to Flagstaff keeps the team close to their fans.

Training Camp is an important process for the team as they are incorporating eight new players (nine if you count a returning Channing Frye) and a brand new coaching staff.

Everything is new for this team as they take the next step towards the future and the fans will get a chance to see the progression with an open scrimmage on the final day of Training Camp for the public to come in and see.

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