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Eurobasket 2013 Day 2: Suns' Dragic Shines, Kravtsov wins, Gortat's Poland drops to 0-2

Hosting the tournament adds a lot of pressure. Your small country of 2 million souls - barely a third of the Phoenix metro area alone - counts on you to deliver. And Goran Dragic did just that in a big win over mighty Spain.

Christof Koepsel

Quick recap of day three where two Suns helped their team go 2-0, while another suffered to an 0-2 hole.

Slovenia 2-0

Goran Dragic led his team in points (17), rebounds (6), assists (7) and steals (2) and made two tough baskets at the end to help Slovenia clinch against a Spain team so good that Jose Calderon and Ricky Rubio are backups.

"It was a really tough game for both sides, but we played as a team, we shared the ball when we needed to score, and played tough defence," said Goran Dragic. "We only had six turnovers, which is great in a game like this."

Ukraine 2-0

The Suns newest player, Slava Kravtsov, chipped in 15 and 8 for Ukarine to beat Omri Casspi's Israel.

Poland 0-2

Marcin Gortat, on the other hand, is not having as much fun at Eurobasket as his teammates. He and Maciej Lampe (on one-time Sun in fact) were supposed to dominate the Czech Republic inside, but instead the smallish Czech's used Jan Vesely at the 5 to frustrate Poland with speed and finesses. Jan Vesely had a huge game that Washington fans can only dream about: 23 points, 14 rebounds (7 offensive), and 4 steals.

The Czech Republic stunned Poland in the final seconds. Check out the highlights.

Coming up

Each team has 3 more "pool play" games before the top 3 in each Group advances to the elimination tournament.

As of this writing, Ukraine is winning again (39-30) at halftime.

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