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Phoenix Suns Player of the Week: Dragic, Frye, or Plumlee?

This was a rough stretch for the Suns, who have struggled to replace one half of their dynamic duo with Eric Bledsoe out after meniscus surgery. The Suns went only 1-3 this week. However, in the midst of these losses, the players are still fighting and are never giving up. So, who deserves to be named the player of the week?

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The Finalists

Goran Dragic aka "One Man Fast Break"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 20.75 FG%: .491 Assists: 6.75 Rebounds: 3.75

Dragic had another very good week. In fact, he is the biggest reason the Suns remain competitive at this point. Goran is doing all that he can to lead the team without his other half, but it is becoming more and more difficult it seems for him to maintain his level of play.

One noticeable difference this week was his lack of steals. Dragic has been averaging nearly two steals a game, which is one of the main reasons the Suns are so effective at scoring on turnovers and fast breaks. This week, however, he only recorded one steal in four games. If the Suns are going to survive this stretch without Bledsoe without falling out of playoff contention, they will need to find a way for Dragic to remain as active on both ends of the court as we saw early on.

Channing Frye aka "ICMF"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 16.0 FG%: .423 3PT%: .383 Rebounds: 4.75

Channing Frye is providing the spacing and three-point shooting that the Suns need to operate, even if they currently don't seem to be taking full advantage of it. Not only that, but he is providing some quality interior defense and helping in various ways.

Frye was the second leading scorer this week...and while that seems like a good thing for Channing, it's not necessarily good news for the Suns. However, to his credit, he is stepping up his game and doing all that he can to help the Suns get through this, and I expect Channing to continue to do so.

Miles Plumlee aka "Plumdunk"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 10.5 FG%: .513 Rebounds: 7.25 Blocks: 1.0 Steals: 1.25

Miles Plumlee is quietly having some very solid games. He is making the most of his offensive opportunities and continues to alter shots defensively with his ability to move his feet and time his blocks. He is still a very raw player, but he makes the most of his natural ability, and seems to have a pretty good understanding of the game as well.

The biggest knock on Plumlee is his positioning on rebounds. While there's no doubt he needs to improve in this regard, a big factor in this is that he is going after blocks and challenging shots, so he is often times not in position to make that second jump for the rebound. If he is going to continue to challenge shots, which he should, the Suns need to give him help in the post to corral the rebounds.

The Player of the Week

Goran Dragic

Let's be honest, this wasn't a great week for the Suns. But where would they be without Dragic? He was the only player to average over 20 points per game this week, and also controlled the offense dishing out nearly seven assists per game.

The fact of the matter is, the Suns can't rely on Goran to do it all, yet that seems to be what's happening on most nights. Sure, they are getting quality contributions from various players in different games, but who else can the Suns really count on game in and game out to fill up the stat sheet?

With Dragic, you know what you're going to get each and every game. Sure he'll have better and worse games, but he's by far the most consistent player on the team. Dragic is doing everything he can on a consistent basis to help the Suns survive the absence of Bledsoe. The questions is, who else will step up and join him?

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