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Gamethread: Memphis Grizzlies at Phoenix Suns, 7PM, US Airways Center

Let's see if the Suns hold any kind of grudge over a 19-point loss last month, or if the Grizzlies are just a bad matchup.

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Hornacek pregame quotes:

  • (on Coach of Month): "It's a good award to get but I think that just like any individual award it is really a team award. I didn't shoot any baskets and I didn't get any rebounds or any assists so obviously the players payed great, the work that our assistant coaches do, it's all part of it. I take it as a team award that we all as a team and as a Phoenix Suns organization had a good month."
  • (on Conley): "We have to get some defensive pressure on him and see if we can get him to shoot it quicker or get some turnovers and then we can get out and run."
  • (on the 19-point drubbing earlier this season): "We have talked about it for two days, what Memphis did to us down there so we have to push the pace. That is when we are at our best."

Memphis coach Dave Joerger pregame:

  • "A lot of teams in the West want to play faster [including Phoenix] so we are kind of the knuckleball. We are built differently. We have to try to play from a lead, we try to play a fewer possession game."
  • "Transition defense is a big deal."

Let's Go!

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