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Thread: Phoenix Suns (24-17) host Marcin Gortat, Washington Wizards (20-21)

Homecoming week continues!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Let's go!

Pregame quotes from coach Jeff Hornacek:

  • (on duplicating last effort) "It's easier to say...than it is to actually do that. A lot of times that the veteran guys that know how to do that."
  • (on the Wizards) "We think they're a well rounded team... they end up running through a lot of their options. They'll go to their fourth and fifth option, which comes late in the shot clock. That's when we can't relax."

Pregame quotes from opponent coach Randy Wittman:

  • "Jeff has done a really good job with them in creating a lot of open floor situations. It is going to be big for us tonight in terms of how well we are talking defensively."
  • (on Wizards slow pace) "We want to get a fast pace on offense. [Wall] is very similar in terms of what Dragic does for them in transition."

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