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Phoenix Suns Reign On Player of the Week: Dragic, Frye, or Morris?

This was a good week overall for the Suns, going 2-1 and beating the team with the best record in the league in a blowout on national TV. Although the week ended on a disappointing loss to a team they should have beaten, there were still plenty of positives, and a lot of players who stood out. Who deserves to be named the player of the week?

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The NBA is all about which player and team can rule the court in the most epic fashion and Bright Side of the Sun has teamed up with Crown Royal to rank the best of the best Phoenix Suns players each and every week. Which player ruled the court this week? #ReignOn

The Finalists

Goran Dragic aka "The Slovenian Slasher"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 18.3 FG%: .589 Assists: 6.7 Rebounds: 3.67

Surprise! The Dragon had another fantastic week, and is making a very strong case to be an All-Star this year. Whether or not that actually happens, it doesn't take away from the fact that he has been nothing short of outstanding this season, and is doing everything he can to will his team to victory without Eric Bledsoe.

Dragic has scored 15 points or more in each of the last 14 games...remarkable consistency from the leader of this team. This week was no different, as Dragic was an efficient scoring machine who also created for his teammates and played pretty well defensively...a very underrated aspect of his game.

Channing Frye aka "Let it Flye"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 18.6 FG%: .559 3PT%: .650 Rebounds: 3.67

Channing Frye had his best game of the season against the Denver Nuggets...Scoring 30 points on 12/16 shooting while grabbing 5 rebounds, and blocking 3 shots as well. Although he never came close to matching that performance over the next two games this week, he was still a very effective weapon offensively and did a lot to help the team this week. Frye shot a ridiculous 65% from three this week...going 11/17 overall. He was actually more efficient from three than from inside the arc, which explains why he seems to prefer launching it from three even when a head fake would give him an easy drive to the basket.

The only complaint about Frye this week was how he was abused defensively by Nene...which isn't a surprise given his strength. He also needs to get his hands on more rebounds to help Miles Plumlee when he's challenging/blocking shots. Still, Frye was a net positive, and we know what to expect from him each and every game. When he is hitting from outside, he changes the landscape of the game, and makes the Suns a very difficult team to match up against and defend.

Markieff Morris "The Philly Phoenix"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 16.3 FG%: .607 Rebounds: 3.67 Steals: 1.3

Markieff Morris quietly had another great week. While players like Dragic, Green, and Plumlee seem to get most of the attention, Markieff was quietly having one of the best, and most efficient weeks of his career. Averaging around 25 minutes per game off the bench, Keef is getting starter minutes and playing like one. He is taking better shots, and re-defining himself as a versatile forward who can score from anywhere on the floor.

Not only was he very efficient from the post and mid-range this week, Keef was also very selective with his three-point attempts. This week he shot only four total and made three of them...He's slowly turning into a very different player than the Suns were used to seeing over the past couple of seasons. Keef still has work to do, especially in regards to his consistency. However, he is stringing together more good games than bad ones this season, and that's a big improvement.

Honorable Mention

Gerald Green "Gr33n Machine"

Weekly Stat Averages:

Points: 13.3 FG%: .445 3PT%: .366 Rebounds: 3.0 Steals: 1.0

The Player of the Week

Goran Dragic

What else can be said at this point? Goran Dragic is doing everything he can to win, and is finally starting to get some national recognition for his tremendous skill, aggression, hustle, and speed. The game against the Pacers was probably an eye opener for many basketball fans around the world, but that's the same Dragic that Suns fans have been trying to get into the All-Star game all season long.

Although the Suns have been struggling without Eric Bledsoe in the line-up to help balance out what could be the best back-court in the NBA, Dragic continues to put the team in his back, and lead the charge to keep the Suns relevant and in the playoff hunt. Dragic still doesn't have that consistent second player to help him every night, and until Bledsoe returns it may not happen. Still, with Dragic leading the team, and plenty of talented players around him, the Suns have shown they can beat anyone in the league when they play their best.


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