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2013 BSotS Participation Rankings, where Fan really is short for fanatic!

Ever think you're alone on an island, the only one who lives, eats and breathes your favorite team? Well, that's what SB Nation and Vox Media is for!

Mark Kolbe

We have given fans like us a platform on which to grow a community of like-minded individuals who care share their beliefs without fear of reproach (except from each other) or persecution (except from each other), where we can ban anybody who doesn't share those beliefs, and we can mold our most radical thoughts and dreams into a collective reality that justifies our otherwise unique opinions and focus.

Huh. Sounds like a cult--.

Nah, it's just being a fan!

Let's give a round of applause for the biggest Bright Side Commenters for 2013!


Check it. Think about these numbers for a bit. Over the course of 365 days, DragonBlade posts an average of 18 comments every single day. That shows dedication. Devotion. And a community that carries on deep, heated conversations every single day of the year!

Where would be without you, DragonBlade (formerly BringBackBarkley), and your 18 comments a day? Or Vikaask and your 15 every day. Or Bkj, or phxpurple, or rsavag, or Motherwell, or sun-arc, or Jacob, or XcasX?

You guys - all 5,997 of you - are the paddles that keep us moving along sh!t Suns creek!

Sorry folks, but Vox media and SB Nation only wrote the report to pull the top ten from each site, so I don't know who was #11, but I appreciate all 5,997 of you community members nonetheless.

Give yourselves some props for making this site run: YOU, the community of readers and commenters.

Without you, we're nothing.

Post script

Now that you've patted yourselves in the back, let me just throw out a bone or two to chew on.

Bone one

When you saw that top ten list, were you like "WTF! Where's my name?" If that's you, you're a competitive son of a gun. Here's your opportunity to set your own bar for participation in 2014. You know what it takes to be top 10. Go for it!

While 18 posts a day seems like a lot from our top commenter, there's a lot of SB Nation sites with commenters who hit 100 a day. 200 a day, even. Heck, the SF Giants site's top ten commenters ALL exceeded 20,000 comments in the past year.

So, when you think about New Year's resolutions, think about logging on to BSotS even more often than you already do. And, recruit your friends and co-workers so there's longer and deeper conversations to participate in.

Bone two

BSotS sits about 5th-10th across the 30 NBA teams in total unique visitors on any given day. That's great for a terrible team like the Suns used to be, and something I am proud of.

But for "the best story in the NBA" that should improve in 2014. I've already seen a number of new members in the past few weeks (Welcome!!), so I imagine our community will continue to grow and grow. You can help - get your friends on here. Your boss. Your coworkers. This is the best damn Suns talk in the world!

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