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Kobe Bryant is going to screw Goran Dragic out of an All-Star spot and I'm pissed

The NBA All-Star Game history is rife with snubs, stupid fan votes, and other general silliness. Normally, I don't care. This year, I can see the purple and gold sh*t train coming and I'm pissed!

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We all know Goran Dragic should be in the All-Star Game. I don't need to convince you. You've watched him play this year.

Yes, I'm the most bias writer on the planet when it comes to Dragic. I've loved the kid guy since he was a rookie. I defended him when he was being called "Tragic" and losing time to Sean Singletary. I railed against Lance Blanks for stupidly trading him AND A PICK to the Rockets for Aaron Brooks. I was thrilled when Robert Sarver stepped in and brought Goran back.

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I love the kid guy as a person and a player and it's been a JOY to watch his progress and see him turn into an ALL-STAR PLAYER.

On the flip side we have Kobe Bryant. I don't "hate" Kobe. I respect his career and his talent. I just hate everything he stands for from the smug look on his jutting jaw to the the Los Angeles Lakers uniform he wears.

This year, my love for Dragic and my Kobe fan hate are on a collision course of epic proportions.

Kobe is currently leading the voting for West All-Star guards despite "playing" in six games. That's no surprise. Fan voting is dumb. Jeremy Lin is 4th on the votes list and Ricky Rubio is 10th. Goran Dragic is not on the list at all.

I get why. It's just dumb.

Fortunately, guys like Dragic can usually get in on a coach's selection. The coach gets to pick two guards and has two "wildcard" picks he can use on any roster position. Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard will get in. So will James Harden. From there, Dragic has a decent shot, especially with injuries to Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul and a "down-ish" year for Tony Parker.

Goran is even getting All-Star love from the ESPN broadcast. He's winning. The Suns are winning. It's a great story. He's playing great. He's an All-Star. Period. (Stay tuned to this channel for a more rational and evidence-based argument for Dragic...but you don't need it. We all know it.)

BUT here's what's going to happen. Kobe Freaking Bryant is going to return from his latest injury just in time to take a spot from Goran. Sure, it could be Paul or Westbrook who returns in time to screw Dragic out of millions in salary bonuses for getting into the ASG, but we KNOW it will be Kobe.

Why do we know this? Because I've been a Suns fan since 1972 and the Lakers ALWAYS screw the Suns.

It hasn't happened yet and I'm still pissed. When it does happen. My fury will not be contained.

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