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Isaiah Thomas loves buzzer beaters in Los Angeles apparently

Phoenix Suns guard Isaiah Thomas hit a buzzer-beater in Los Angeles to send the Phoenix Suns to overtime and an eventual preseason win over the Los Angeles Lakers. This wasn't the first clutch shot he's hit in L.A.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With time just a hair's breadth from expiring and the Suns down two points, Mr. Clutch Guard Isaiah Thomas scooped up an offensive rebound and calmly drained a baseline jumper to tie the game. The Suns would go on to claim victory over the Lakers. Read all about it here.

Watch the play once or thirty times here.

Fans of Arizona sports history can't help but remember this same Isaiah Thomas hitting a similar shot to beat the favored Arizona Wildcats in the Pac-10 tournament in 2011. Thomas would go on to be drafted last in the NBA Draft while Wildcat star Derrick Williams went second. The arc of their respective professional careers is a reminder once again what a crap shoot the draft is.

Anyway, here's IT's other clutch shot in L.A. Somehow, I doubt this will be his only big shot this season. The guy has ice water in his veins.

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