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Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz Preseason Game Thread

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Let's not get injured, anybody! I mean, let's go Suns!

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Suns finish their preseason tonight in Utah vs. the Jazz and all their young talent.

Let's see how Miles Plumlee matches up with Enes Kanter, and Eric Bledsoe with Trey Burke. Kanter and Burke combined for 50 points in the Jazz' last game.

This game is not televised, but can be heard on Phoenix radio station 98.7FM, or at Audio League Pass at 6PM AZ time.

Starters from each team's last game:


  • PG Eric Bledsoe
  • SG Goran Dragic
  • SF Marcus Morris
  • PF Markieff Morris
  • C Miles Plumlee


  • PG Trey Burke
  • SG Alec Burks
  • SF Gordon Hayward
  • PF Derrick Favors
  • C Enes Kanter