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Opening Night: Who's going to the game?

I am curious who all is going to the game?

Staff Coverage

Bright Side will have at least Kris Habbas and I, plus videographer Evan Wendt will be there to give us the behind-the-scenes experience of opening night in the NBA.

Kris, Sean and I will be regulars this season for game coverage, most often 1 or 2 of us each game to give you the best coverage possible.

Evan will occasionally be there for big nights, but he can't be a regular media guy. The NBA has tightened its rules on video, so Evan can only give you behind the scenes access and some post game coverage. But he won't have a seat for the game and cannot film live game action.

Bright Side fans in the stands

I know a few of you have season tickets and plan to be there tonight.

Who all is going?

And, does anyone want to meet up somewhere before the game starts or at halftime, at least to say hi and put a face to a login ID?

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