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Phoenix Suns Free Scrimmage Gamethread: 12:00pm at Walkup Skydome

Follow along on and comment throughout the scrimmage!

The Phoenix Suns will host a free scrimmage today in Flagstaff to close out their five day training camp in the pines of Flagstaff, Arizona.

The game will start at noon and probably won't last more than an hour. These scrimmages generally feature a running clock and 10-minute quarters, though this season they will employ referees to make sure no one kills each other.

After the game, every player and the coach will be made available for an autograph session. The Suns will also set up a makeshift pro shop so you can swag out this season as the Suns try to take over the valley again like the old days.

Covering the game for you will be Jim Coughenour, Sean Sullivan and myself, with videographer Evan Wendt taking some footage for a highlight reel and behind the scenes look at the scrimmage.

Anthony Tolliver (hand) won't play, but everyone else is set to suit up. Isaiah Thomas (shooting wrist) has been limited but made it through the whole camp.

I'm sure some BSotS fans will be at the game. Anyone who wants to join us for lunch, the BSotS crew will be stopping for some wings at an old standby right off campus after the game. Tune in to twitter and/or the gamethread for time and place toward the end of the game.

For those not going to the scrimmage, it will be streamed live on

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