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Solar Flares 10/7: Bledsoe In Top Shape, Dragic With Work To Do

Haze the rooks.

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Dream job time. Tom Zenner is out. Are you in? The Suns are looking for a new game night host. Get the job, do it right, and we look forward to including you in #SUNSRANK next season.

Reports are that guard Eric Bledsoe is "in top shape," and "ready to run." This is better news than "Bledsoe signs huge contract, needs to work on conditioning."

Sounds like one other Suns guard has some work to do. The high altitude of Flagstaff doesn't sit well with The Dragon.

He'll get it together though. He's got to. Because the Suns aim to be an even faster team than they were a season ago.

Here's some perspective on the Bledsolo signing, and the NBA's new television deal inked last week.

Gay marriage, cancer, and the Phoenix Suns.

Should the ultimate team goal be to shoot 38% from beyond the arc?

Meet the newest board members of Phoenix Suns Charities.

Suns forward P.J. Tucker looks to put his "bad decision" last May in the rear view mirror.

Isaiah Thomas wants to play "when it really counts," which will be a lot more likely now that he is no longer in Sacramento.

Phoenix Suns rookies are getting comfortable at camp, but the hazing is there, and to hear T.J. Warren tell it, more is definitely coming.

Here's your theme nights and giveaways for the upcoming season. Having both Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris bobbleheads in the same season feels kind of lazy.

Ryan McDonough nearly had a career behind the mic. At one time he was the voice of the Carolina Mudcats, a Colorado Rockies affiliate.

As soon as you're finished reading this article catch the Suns on "NBA Real Training Camp" on NBATV.

Who will lead the Suns in scoring in 2014-15? Fans think that Goran Dragic will lead the way.

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