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Despite tempers flaring Los Angeles Clippers easily dispatch Phoenix Suns 120-107

The only excitement in this game down the stretch was the tempers flaring between the teams as multiple players were ejected. On the court the Clippers never let the Suns close as they cruised to victory in the second half.

Screw Matt Barnes.
Screw Matt Barnes.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


First Quarter:

Giving J.J. Redick rhythm shots probably isn't a good idea. He scored five points in the first 43 seconds since the Suns apparently weren't aware of this. Phoenix started out rebounding the ball well, batting the ball around several times on their way to hoops in the early going. The team looked crisp, led by the play of Goran Dragic. The Dragon had a great euro step that gave the team an early 13-9 lead.  Seeing Dragic being assertive in the early going was definitely a refreshing change.

Score: Clippers 27, Suns 23

Second Quarter:

Marcus Morris was showing off his hustle early in the second quarter by hitting the offensive glass several times in succession. The Suns moxie on the glass was visible. Later in the quarter Gerald Green started looking like he might be ready to have one of those nights. Why does he look out of control even when he's making great plays?

With the Clippers trying to extend a six point lead Jordan Crawford threw himself into a foul at the 7:33 mark. After a ferocious dunk on the other end, Alex Len was called for his third foul with 6:40 left. That didn't stop him as he had a nice move across the lane a couple minutes later for a bucket. It also didn't stop him from recording a career performance on the night.

After trailing early the Suns finally regained the lead with a Len dunk at 44-43. With the game knotted up the Clippers were still forcing the Suns into silly fouls and three second defensive violations. Green hit a three before halftime where it looked like he almost caught the ball midair and fired to give the Suns a 54-52 lead, but Chris Paul retorted with his own bucket to leave the score tied at halftime.

Score: Suns 54, Clippers 54

Third Quarter:

Markieff Morris picked up two quick fouls in the third quarter, giving him four. A 13-3 run gave the Clippers a 67-57 lead, with nine coming by Chris Paul.

With things unraveling, Marcus Morris picked up a technical that gave the Clippers a 71-59 lead. Blake Griffin followed that with an emphatic dunk that extended it to 14 points.

It took less than five minutes for the Suns to put the Clippers in the bonus.  An and-one alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan sent it to 76-59 just moments later. When Isaiah Thomas went to the line with the score 86-64 the Suns had only taken five free throws.

Meanwhile, the Suns gave up 42 points in the third quarter.


Score: Clippers 96, Suns 74

Fourth Quarter:

Bledsoe picked up a technical early in the fourth, which was apropos considering the team's frustrations.

Green and Thomas hit back-to-back threes that pared the lead to 13 at 105-92. Then Green went straight to the rack to cut it to 11. Green had 26 at that point.

After a couple plays went against the Suns, Chris Paul hit a three to make it 111-94.

Then Barnes got ejected. Good for him... and what a shocker.

Trying to get minutes for the Suns four guards?  Hornacek actually played Bledsoe, Dragic, Thomas and Green together with Len to finish the game. He was searching for anything to work. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Gerald Green managed to get himself thrown out at the end of the game while jawing with Chris Paul. I think Paul probably deserved it more than Gerald. But then again, he's Chris Paul.

Final Score: Clippers 120, Suns 107

Player of the Game:

Chris Paul (32 points on 10-13 field goals, nine assists, five rebounds) had the best game of anyone on the court... but he also threw a temper tantrum which resulted in Gerald Green getting ejected.

So I'll give it to Green, who had 26 points off the bench and nearly kept the Suns in the game... while obviously managing to get under Paul's skin.

Comments of the Game:

Game hasn't started in my totally legal online feed.

- Lino Canaan


Remember when Matt Barnes played here?  I sure don't.

- How is Lon Babby formed?


Meet and Greet with Matt Barnes?

Who the fuck wants to meet and greet Matt Barnes?

- Lino Canaan


Tolliver reminds me of that corner on your favorite football team that you know is going to get torched every night.

- Archie Goodwin's Ice Skates


Kinda feels like the Suns could use a three point shooting big man.

If only they had one...

- East Bay Ray


I think watching Tolliver play must be the same as when Sixers fans watch their team play.

Just without the whole top 5 pick thing.

- omnicious


Our strategy is run the shot clock down to get PJ his most efficient play - ISO.

Bravo, guys, bravo.

- jack's complete lack of surprise


Spencer Hawes taking a break from making moonshine to check back in.

- How is Lon Babby formed?


Go to the fire, sausage, it's your best chance to avoid a lawsuit!

- HeoYeah9


Fitting that one of the worst  3 point shooting teams int he league so far

Has a stellar game from three against us..........

- Swishblade


We're only one guard shy of the Full Guard team.

- KnowGood


Chris Paul is an a$$hole and I hope he never wins a championship.

- Suns of Anarchy

The Good:

Alex Len had another impressive performance as he continues to grow this season. He had career highs of 17 points and 11 rebounds in under 26 minutes while posing a real problem for the Clippers inside.

The Bad:

The Suns just didn't show up to start the second half. The Clippers went on a 22-5 run to begin the third period and the game was basically over.

The Ugly:

The Clippers really looked like a bunch of bitch-made punks.  That doesn't seem like a team I want going far. Matt Barnes has a face only a mother can barely tolerate, Blake Griffin's knickname should be Kleenex, Chris Paul is officious and arrogant and the rest of the team pretty much lacks any redeeming quality. Interestingly enough, the disparaging comments above about Barnes' lack of character were made well before his early departure.

People can go ahead and cheer for the Clippers because they escaped from the grasp of their evil former owner or because of their downtrodden history, but I'm going to cheer for anyone else to come out of the Western Conference. They're worse than the Lakers.

Final Thoughts:

That mostly sucked.

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