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Bright Side After Dark: Shall We Panic?

Scott Howard, Bryan Gibberman, and Sreekar have returned to fill your hearts with love, laughter, and depressing discussion about the Phoenix Suns. None of us missed you.

Harry How

Remember how Sreekar, Bryan Gibberman, and I used to do a podcast from time to time?  And remember how sometimes you would listen to it and be like - oh hey, those guys are talking about the Phoenix Suns and stuff.  Then on top of that remember how you like the Phoenix Suns?  Well boy do I have some news for you!

We're back!  I'd say we'll make this a more regular thing but with Gibby who really knows.

We recorded this yesterday morning, which is technically still after dark - and we talk about a lot of things, including the Suns early season struggles, the sustainability of Gerald Green saving the team on a nightly basis, and how this upcoming 9 games is vital.  There is also plenty of banter because honestly if this was a straight basketball podcast you wouldn't listen.

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