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Phoenix Suns Markieff Morris giving Detroit bullet board material for rematch

Markieff Morris says a Pistons player has "no heart". Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy says Morris should stop mouthing off. Caldwell-Pope says it is what it is.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

At some point, the bravado of the Morris twins was going to make national headlines. They are quiet, but extremely confident in themselves as strong individuals and with tough character.

Last year, Markieff Morris garnered a handful of technical fouls backing up his teammates. He would get into the face of an opponent after a hard foul or tough words, and we all know that the refs see the end of a fight rather than the beginning.

This year, he's starting to make headlines and not in a good way.


Really, doesn't have any heart? Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had just sunk two big threes to help bring the Pistons back into the game in the final minutes. How can you say he can't make the big shot?


Ahh, here we go. Morris and KCP exchanged words earlier in the game. No one but those guys know what was said, but apparently Morris decided that KCP's involvement was less than stellar.


Of course a coach is going to defend his own player. Good on you, Stan.


This was a necessary statement by KCP not to instigate any more fires now that the scuffle is over.

Frankly, I don't like this kind of comment by Morris but in the heat of the moment - celebrating a last second win that was sealed by the failure of a guy you'd just had an altercation with - words like that come out of mouths.

Another kerfuffle this week centered around Kevin Durant having called Dwight Howard the slang word for cat. Not sure why Howard is being equated to a cat, especially when his personality aligns more with a canine than a feline if you're going to equate him to a domesticated pet.

Wait... what? Durant wasn't calling Howard a domesticated feline?

Anyway, back to Keef.

He's playing against the Sixers tonight, in his hometown. He's going to have to step up big in this game, not only to show he isn't bothered by getting the negative national attention this week but also because he wants to show his home crowd that he's a very good NBA player.

Do it, Keef.

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