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BS of the Sun Podcast 11/25/14

The podcast makes it's triumphant return with a new host at the helm. Unfortunately for all of you... that new host happens to be me. Listen anyway, as Dave King saves the show with great insight and acumen about all things Phoenix Suns.

We're back.
We're back.

The good news is the podcast is back.

The bad news is that I'm taking snaps as the new host.

Dave and I discuss a variety of subjects in this installment including... our takeaways from the Suns six game road trip, the emergence of Alex Len, the struggles with playing time and roles among the team's top four guards, the disappearing dragon, Jeff Hornacek, the week ahead, Thanksgiving traditions and the Territorial Cup.

All of that crammed into 45 minutes of radio rapture.


Thanks again to Kris Habbas for all of his hard work and routine excellence as the previous host of this podcast. You're the man, Kris.

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