Isaiah Thomas: "It’s a tough situation,… it’s not what I expected"

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been plenty of talk (and criticism of such talk) about the trials and tribulations of the Suns new 3 PG system. We heard Goran speak of sacrifice, Eric remain quiet but visibly unhappy when he had to sit at the end of the game and Isaiah, who publicly spoke about his desire to start for the Suns.

After the loss against Toronto, Isaiah spoke honestly about his feelings to James Herbert of CBSSports in an interesting and very telling interview, which will surely provide much fodder for the Bright Side faithful.

From the article...

A reporter began to ask him about the backcourt -- Dragic played a season-low 21 minutes, and sometimes it's Thomas in that position. "It's always me," Thomas interrupted, looking and sounding frustrated. "It's always me."

"As long as I'm in the game, I'm happy," Thomas said. "That's the biggest thing. I know everybody wants to play. I feel like I can help this team in a big way."

"It's a tough situation," Thomas said. "But you've just got to be ready for whatever circumstances coach puts you in. You gotta be ready when your name is called, but I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's tough.

"It's not what I expected," Thomas continued. "But coach has a tough job. Putting all of us on the floor and trying to mix up the minutes, it's tough for him. So it's not just tough for us as players, we just gotta be ready when our name's called and just know, I mean, coach is trying to do what he thinks is best for the team to put us in a position to win. But the key word is it's a tough situation. For all of us.

Telling interview that will certainly raise many questions.

Personally, I hold no ill will towards Isaiah and appreciate his candour. I can understand his unhappiness with the situation. Looking at his history I can even understand the "it’s always me" comment. The chip on his shoulder is probably what makes him the electric player he’s become.

But I can also understand Goran’s and Eric’s potential unhappiness as well. It was a situation that was easily foreseeable. But the question that I have is,… what did Isaiah expect? He directly says "it’s not what I expected". Was he told during negotiations that Bledsoe won’t return. Key question! What did Isaiah expect?

Hornacek also seems to be frustrated by the problems in the backcourt and obviously still searching for answers and the right rotation.

"They're all used to having the ball in their hands quite a bit, and they're still trying to figure it out," Hornacek said. "And so are we [the coaching staff]. It's not just those three guys — we have Gerald Green at the guard position also. And everyone goes, ‘Ehh, we can just slide him over to the 3 spot,' but then we have P.J. Tucker and Marcus Morris."

The coach has to be commended on the job he’s done so far. He’s responsible for our current record just as much as anyone. Let’s be honest. The front office sure didn’t make his job this season any easier. In fact it would be hard to imagine how they could make it harder on the coaching staff.

I believe that it could be absolutely brilliant, if the Suns were able to figure out how to successfully play all 3 point guards together, not at the same time of course. It’s a unique system that could be incredibly fun to watch. But to get to that point it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of patience from the players. Patience, that I’m not sure any of the 3 point guards really have.

I honestly hope that somehow this experiment works, but until it starts to, it is going to be as Isaiah says, "a tough situation".