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Suns Swag: Phoenix Black Friday

Revisiting a couple classics.

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Kevin Johnson Christmas Ornament

We've featured several Suns ornaments the last few weeks. This is just one of many. If you look hard enough you'll find your favorite player. KJ is $13 after shipping.

Markieff Morris Black History Month Game Used Shirt

Six days left on this game worn merchandise. Seller reports that Markieff Morris wore this on the bench during black history month. Bidding is now at $13.

Tom Chambers Prototype Suns Jersey

We've featured this jersey on Suns Swag before, and it appears to be the same one. $235 if you want to own this Suns jersey that never made it to the court.

Steve Nash Face T-Shirt

This t-shirt features nothing more than Steve Nash's face, and I think it's hilarious. If you also think it's hilarious, you can add it to your wardrobe for less than $13.

Suns Vintage Starter Parka

This masterpiece is an extra large and new with the tags still attached. If you can scrape together $200 bucks, it's yours.

Goran Dragic Autographed Pennant

Little more than a day left on this item. No bids as of Thursday night. This autographed pennant includes a COA. Bidding starts with a ten dollar bill.

Phoenix Suns Dammit Doll


For stress relief when things aren't going your way. I tend to just use alcohol. I won't judge though. Sixteen bucks after shipping.

Suns 40th Anniversary Bobblehead Set

$109 is where the bidding starts. $225 if you want to buy it now. $11.25 for shipping. I'll let you do the math. Collection includes Barkley, Van Arsdale, Adams, Johnson, and Chambers.

Phoenix Suns Decanter

We featured this several months ago, but at the time the item was empty. Twenty bucks gets you this piece filled with Wild Country aftershave. I couldn't make that up.

Newspapers Announcing Steve Nash Trade

Less than twelve bucks if you want to remember Nash taking off from Phoenix to head to Los Angeles. Can be had for as little as $9.

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