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Phoenix Suns + Verizon = Technology Wonderland

The Phoenix Suns and Verizon have agreed to an extension of their existing partnership and will embark on transforming US Airways Center into a "Technology Wonderland."

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Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Phoenix Suns/Verizon

Have you ever wanted to feel like Alice?

Are you ready to take the red pill?

Then get ready for the new US Airways Center... which won't even be named US Airways Center after a merger with American Airlines.

So get ready for the new (fill in the blank)!

Here on Brightside we actually already took the time to come up with a strong list of potential suitors for new naming rights. Do yourself a favor and go through the comments on the link.

But back to the something "That's Powerful."

Have I piqued your interest? Well, just read on anyway...

The Phoenix Suns will continue their tradition of being ahead of the curve in the information age as they will be "blazing trails in technological innovation to deliver the best experience for fans and players." The Suns were the first team in the NBA to utilize wireless technology by using tablets on the team's bench.  They're prepared to lay waste to those baby steps.

The Phoenix Suns and Verizon have agreed to a multi-year extension that will turn US Airways Center into a "Technology Wonderland." The new agreement is built on a collaborative vision to integrate cutting-edge technology that creates a door-to-door fan experience unlike any other in professional sports.

As part of the extension, the Suns and Verizon will launch a number of unique features within the team's mobile app, implement iBeacons at US Airways Center, and create a "mobile wallet" that will house tickets, arena cash and other fan-friendly features.

So what exactly does this mean?

Here are the some of the changes.

Suns Mobile App

(In the coming weeks) On-demand replays and highlights, live game action from multiple camera angles and content from the Suns digital network (RISE) including postgame shows in collaboration with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.


Fans with GPS and Bluetooth activated will receive push notifications for unique opportunities (such as seat upgrades), in-game experiences and special offers throughout the arena.

Mobile Wallet

Internet based tickets, parking passes and arena cash for concessions and the team shop. This feature may even be expanded to give users exclusive offers as they travel to and from the arena.

Verizon Tablet Center Hung Scoreboard

Here is a photo of the new tabletish incarnation.


Technology Wonderland

A bold claim. I'll be interested to see how this progresses. I'm all about improving technology at live sporting events. Part of the appeal of watching at home is the ability to incorporate aspects that just don't translate to a live experience for me right now. Replay availability is routinely abhorrent in stadiums/arenas, etc. Activities like browsing through statistics, following/watching other games and participating in game threads can be frustrating or impossible. I want a marriage between home technology and live experience

One place comes to mind where I can't even get decent internet signal to look up scores of other games in progress. I won't specifically name the stadium for the sake of not throwing people/organizations/institutions under the bus, but I will give a hint... it's where the Sun Devils play.

These (and further) ameliorations may assuage the masses afflicted with attention deficits and smartphone addictions who absolutely need to access a panoply of mobile applications during every non-crucial break in play.

Including me.

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