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Brotherly love between Phoenix Suns Goran and Zoran Dragić

Lets take a little break from all the Hydrama.

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The Dragić brothers are a big deal in the Slovenian basketball world. Big enough to get a visit from a Slovenian reporter wanting to get the scoop on the first European brothers playing for the same team in the NBA. They did an interview with Goran and Zoran and put together a video which includes snippets from Jeff Hornacek, Paul Coro and the Morris twins. It's mostly in Slovene but I'll translate the fun/important Gogi and Zoki parts.

"It's the best thing that you can play with your brother in the same club, especially if he is the first star of the team. It can help so much" says Zoran Dragic. As you've probably heard by now, the Dragić brothers are very happy about the Suns bringing them together. But what I've been missing and what most Suns fans haven't been very privy to yet, is the brotherly love that displays itself so obviously when these two are together. Praises and support all around along with dorky (in the best way) jokes that might be more cute than funny. I can't be partial.

They were asked what they admire most about one another and just as little bro answers "Everything" Gogi jokes "Careful what you say", Zoki continues: "His fighting spirit, how he handles some moments when you really think he can't score. And generally as a person, he is very calm, especially now Gogi is more calm, now that he has a baby". Zoran says he is maturing himself, trying to be calmer and holding back his characteristic high energy when not in the field, saving it for when it is needed. Goran describes his brother as a hard worker who "is always there when you need him, likes to help everyone not just himself or me, he is very open. Like on the national team everyone knows him as the biggest jokester who is always kidding around".

Zoran is determined to prove himself and continue his career in the NBA. Though he is not particularly patient he knows he needs to hold it in when things aren't aligned with his wants and just wait for his opportunity. Having a brother there who has walked the road before only helps his cause. Zoki says everyone has been asking him if he is bothered by everyone knowing him as Goran Dragic's younger brother and the answer is "no, I'm just happy to have a brother like that".

Of course they make the comparison to the Suns other brother paring, asking the Morris twins whether there is any rivalry between them; the "no" from Markieff is immediate. Jeff confirms there is more rivalry and competition between the Dragić bros. Gogi is quick to air out any misunderstandings "that doesn't mean we don't love each other, we're just both competitive people, when we set our minds to something we want to do it 100%". Apparently they never have serious fights but Zoki jokes "sometimes he maybe gets on my nerves a bit, when he is sending me to get juice, but it's ok. Now that I'm (living) in his house he can take advantage. When I move out he won't be able to anymore. Otherwise all the best, like I said I'm very happy I got a brother like that (cue adorable big bro hug) who has set such a high level."

And then some more brotherly joking from Goran: "I still think I have to bring him up to par, he doesn't obey much, especially that; when I want juice he never brings it... He has to understand I'm 3 years older, my bones are old, I've played a lot of games so it's hard for me to get up, (turns to Zoki) so please in the future.. " and Zoki is 'convinced': "In the future - for the next week (while still living with him), then when I move maybe I'll send it by mail". See, dorky.

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