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Gamethread: Detroit Pistons try to break 13-game skid against Phoenix Suns

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Let's go! Suns need a win at home. Seriously.

Pregame notes from Hornacek:

  • (on beating slow teams like Pistons) : "Really in those situations it's the defense. You need, like Indiana, they were running that clock down and with five seconds to go we seemed to really turn up our defense and force them into a bad shot. Now you're off to the races. But then against Miami, you know, they were running it down to five seconds and all of a sudden the guy made a move and they got an easy shot and made it. Now you can't run."
  • (on defending the whole 24 seconds) : "The longer it goes, the harder it is because most guys play defense for four or five seconds, then they lose interest."

From Van Gundy:

  • (on the Suns not having that one guy to key on) : "That's the problem with them, it's not a one man thing. This isn't a team where you can key in on one guy and say, 'Hey, if we can limit him we got a great chance to win.' It's not that kind of team."

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