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FanDuel info for Friday's full slate of games: Get a 100% sign-up bonus

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FanDuel Tourney #5 Tonight!

SB Nation FanDuel tournament number five is on tap for tonight. I've made totally sure that you will be in contention for the big dollars so join using this link, read the tasty tidbits below, pick your team, and leave your lineup in the comments.

Then brag your ass off on Twitter using #FanDuelSBN. Extra points for extra obnoxiousness.

Phantasy Phix

It doesn't get any easier for the Suns this weekend.

They play the Knicks tonight after spending the last two days in the Big Party City, and we know what that kind of down time does to a team's game prep. Remember the beat-down they took in 2009 on the same such sked?

Then the Suns play a back-to-back (on which they are 1-6 this season) against Marcin Gortat's Washington Wizards. Since Marcin left, we've seen the rise and fall of Miles Plumlee and steady improvement from Alex Len but neither has been as productive as the Polish Pillow. Yet, Gortat was to the 2012-13 locker room what Isaiah Thomas appears to be to the 2014-15 locker room - a productive player who leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths.

Then the Suns host Rajon Rondo's Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for the Suns, the Mavericks will be riding the high of acquiring a multi-time All-Star and also smarting from the beat down the Suns gave them right before the six-game losing streak began.

Let's take a look at who does well and who doesn't against these teams.

Who loves the Knicks?

Goran Dragic. In two games against the Knicks last season, Dragic averaged 30 points a night on 52% shooting (53% on threes), along with 5 assists and 4 rebounds. He was a scoring machine.

Who hates the Knicks?

Gerald Green. The Green Machine was just awful last season against the Knicks, putting up only 5 points per game in two chances. The first game was Green's worst of the season, making only 2 of 16 shots in 42 minutes of play in a Suns loss.

Who loves the Wizards?

Goran Dragic. In two games against the Wizards last year, Dragic averaged 22 points on 53% shooting (40% on threes) and 8.5 assists against John Wall. In the second Wizards game, Eric Bledsoe had 23 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds alongside Goran's stats, but the Suns lost a close one.

Who hates the Wizards?

Markieff Morris. In two games, he averaged only 10 points and 3 rebounds - well below his season averages. But even worse, his brother Marcus Morris has scored only 2 points per game in 6 career contests against the Wizards. Just something about the Wizards makes the Morrii play bad.

Who loves the Mavericks?

Goran Dragic. The Dragon had 28 points and 13 assists in the Suns shellacking of the Mavericks two weeks ago in Dallas. That was easily the Dragon's best overall stat stuffing night. Will he do as well on Tuesday? Maybe, since Monta Ellis will still be the one guarding him.

Who hates the Mavericks?

No one really hates the Mavericks, who play their own version of fantasy basketball. You can't go wrong here.

Who loves the Suns?

For his career, John Wall puts up 16.6 points and 9.9 assists against the Suns and he's been even better this season. Put him in your lineup for a ton of fantasy points.

Monta Ellis loves the Suns as well. On Tuesday, just pick Monta. And Dirk. And probably even Rajon Rondo. Heck, take Chandler Parsons and Tyson Chandler too.

Who hates the Suns?

Marcin Gortat. He did not play that well last year against his former team, putting up only 15 points and 5 rebounds in two contests. Look for him to try to dominate the PlumLen line, but don't expect big numbers. Pass on Marcin on Sunday.

Last Call

Got it? I've given you the winners and losers. The rest is on you. To recap: #FanDuelSBN, leave your lineup below, and of course the link to make it all happen. I'd say "good luck" but you don't need it.

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